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Innovation solution provided by MONO


20 July 2021

British company MONO has developed MONO's Trolley Sanitiser Station, which is designed to provide a safe, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic solution to the hygiene challenges associated with supermarket trolleys during pandemic situation in the world.

The Trolley Sanitiser Station is perfect for use by any company who provides trolleys for use by their customers, who cares about their customers' safety and who wants to provide a worry-free shopping experience:

  • Supermarkets;
  • Shopping Malls;
  • Garden Centres;
  • Homeware Stores;
  • Airports.

Key Benefits of the Trolley Sanitiser Station:

  • Protects the safety of customer and employees;
  • Provides a powerful visual reassurance to customers & staff that you care about their safety;
  • Removes the need for multiple handling of trolleys & cross contamination;
  • Provides a sustainable, environmentally-friendly solution;
  • Reduces the cost and wastage associated with manned cleaning stations, hand sanitiser tables, and paper towels bin emptying etc.

EUROBAKE company will be happy to advise you on any questions about the equipment you are interested in, as well as provide comprehensive information, so please contact a representative of our company.