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SIRHA Exhibition, France 2021


07 September 2021

International exhibition SIRHA Lyon

The international exhibition SIRHA is considered to be one of the most unusual exhibition of catering, hotel and restaurant business in France. SIRHA is a unique combination of competitions and diversified goods & equipment exposition.

The exhibition is dedicated to the latest technologies for the retail sale of goods and services online, trade marks and brands in the food industry and public catering. It has been held since 1983 once every 2 years.


SIRHA display profiles:

  • all kinds of food products and beverages for the sphere of community food;
  • all kinds of confectionery and bakery products ;
  • equipment for bakery and food industries.


The competition of cooks of the High Cuisine BOCUSE D'OR and unofficial championship among confectioners Coupe del Monde Patisserie will be held during SIRHA exhibition 2021.