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Ideal leaven with Bertrand Pumа fermentators


09 July 2021

Using natural leaven shortens fermentation and kneading time. As the glutinous tissue is much more structured, mechanical operations are easier: the dough is  more supple, which facilitates rolling process and moulding.

Eurobake Company  offers 30, 60, 100 and 200 liter fermenters with touch control panel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFERpvbcRU0

Bertrand Puma fermenters have the following advantages:

  • Possibility of temperature regulation / changing: function of temperature increase  (to 37 C) and decrease (to +4 C) for a possibility of the leaven preservation;
  • Function of cleaning of both: side and bottom parts of walls of bowl thanks to the special scrapers providing ideal hygiene during work;
  • Presence of a special mixing tool, which provides constant mixing of the mass and gives to it  homogeneous structure;
  • Machine is equipped with a touch control panel with fermentation process programming opportunity: speed and rotation time, each stage, programming, the remaining mass сontrol in the fermenter bowl;
  • Automatic machine cleaning function after ending of the work process, as well as the presence of a manual hose with a spray to facilitate the process of fermenter cleaning.

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