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Choose the best mixer for ideal dough


13 July 2021

INDUSTRIAL DOUGH MIXERS – machines designed for quick and high-quality dough mixing which consists of such sequence process as: flour, water, salt, yeast, sugar, butter and other ingredients mixing into a homogeneous mass. There are different types of mixers: vertical and horizontal.

There are the following types of vertical machines:

  • with a fixed bowl;
  • with a fixed bowl with the lower uploading;
  • with a fixed bowl and Lift function for turning and unloading the dough in another bowl, on the confectionery table or in a hopper;
  • with a removable bowl.

There are horizontal dough mixers with a Z-shaped type of mixing tool. The main purpose of such machines is to mix the stiff dough that is necessary for certain types cookies preparation in the confectionery industry.

Dough mixing is divided into several stages: pre-mixing of the ingredients and mixing, as a result – forming of elastic structure of the dough. Each of these stages is important. Each manufacturer of the bakery and confectionery industry has its own know-how and requirements for the dough pre-mixing and mixing technologies.

An important role is played by the shape or configuration of the mixing tool.

As dough mixers are presented on the market by different manufactures who propose various possible solution for mixing tool shape execution.

Let us indicate the main ones: single mixing tool – spiral/hook, blade, whisk and double – spirals, rectangular beams and well-known Wendel. Every mixing tool has its own characteristics and is chosen only for special and concrete type of dough.

The spiral and bowl configuration, which depend on the mixers type, is carefully selected to maintain the optimal distance from the edge of the spiral to the wall of the bowl for the best mixing of the dough without overheating.

To choose the right dough mixer, you need to take into account absolutely all factors: ingredients, their properties and characteristics (grade, gluten, drop point, temperature, etc.) and the types and volumes of dough needed per hour.

Thanks to the right model of the Dough Mixer, the guaranteed success of the final product is 40%.

Each company chooses the best solution for themselves depending on the products they produce.

The degree of automation improves efficiency, speeds up the working process, reduces the factor of human error only if technologies are observed at all stages of mixing.

EUROBAKE company will be happy to advise you on any questions regarding to the selection of the dough mixers you need, as well as provide comprehensive information on their characteristics and capabilities, so please contact a representative of our company.